Why False Prophet Don’t Preach From The Book Of Ezekiel!

Do you know why most preachers are scared to preach from the book of Ezekiel? Rather they prefer to choose their messages on the law of Moses. They are so concerned about the law of Moses because that is the only way to instigate fear and emotional trauma on their followers.

These false preachers intentionally choose their messages and elaborate on it, how anyone who breaks this law will be doomed forever. Take a look at it when a follower is scared of not breaking the law they will be determined to pay all the sacrifices that is been referred to as a seed of deliverance.

They caged their members, and threaten them that whenever they leave their coverage, they will be doomed forever when l was studying my Bible the Holy Spirit ministered to me, and said, my daughter why do you think that these false preachers don’t preach from Ezekiel l was still and the answer I got was an eyeopener.

The answer is they can ever preach from the book of Ezekiel because God exposes how these false preachers operate, especially in the book of Ezekiel 13 they manipulate their followers to get all they want. But God promised to destroy them.

So these false preachers are very cunning and scared not to preached against themselves, so the developed a strategy, and that is to put fear in their followers by quoting the law of Moses and how those that did not obey the law and pay sacrifices were killed and some never prosper.

All they preached is messages that will bring their followers into perpetual slavery. These false preachers are always attacking whosoever dear to speak or challenged them.

My question is, how will a false prophet, who knows that his ways are not pure with God, also be confident of invoking a curse on their followers. The answer is, they are boastful because they depend on extra powers from the satan their master.

Come to think of it, can you give what you don’t have? When l got this revelation l was prompted to write this article, those that have ears let them hear stop patronizing these false preachers, God is still waiting for you to come back to Him. Jesus has come to die for our sins, all we need is to love Him serve him in truth and spirit.

Stop depending on these false preachers if everyone can wake up and study their Bible and be patient to hear from God, He still speaks just that we are to busy and in so much hurry to get answers. The time of waiting is never a time waste.

How is your relationship with God? Please feel free to leave your comment below, feel free to share this post, you never know who you will be saving from the hands of these false preachers.

Remember l am your sister in Christ.

Love you all.

Remain blessed.



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