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Our Books:

A Simple Book of Prayers: The Strenght of a Praying Woman

I composed this small book because of the numerous things that we pray for in our lives. Sometimes it can be so overwhelming to comprehend it all. This book contains simple prayers to assist us throughout our daily living; 

Light Shining Through Darkness

”Light Shining through Darkness” is the story of the journey of Jane van Zundert. The journey begins in 2003 when she left Africa for Europe and continues to the present. This is a story of starting life all over in a new environment.

No More Holding Back

God finally answered her prayers by giving her a lovely husband. The narrative presents a happy moment and the beginning of self-imposed stress that almost claimed her life.

Hi, my name is Jane van Zundert

a Motivational Speaker

Growing up as a child I had different challenges. I lost my father at a very tender age my mother had to take care of us all by herself. With little or no income, we had to press through hard times to be able to feed and pay our school fees. I missed the fatherly role in my life and started looking for love outside my home. That was how I became a victim and was abused so many times. I was abandoned different times by men I thought was in love with me. I was left with four kids. Today the story is different and I am out to help other women who might be in the same position.

Do You Want To Overcome Your Fear and Shame?

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