Tips in Breaking the barrier of lack in You Life


A barrier is an obstacle in one’s life. the journey of life is associated with problems in one way or the other, it is natural to have an obstacle, but it is also very important to know how to eliminate or break that barrier in your life.

1. Trust in the Lord God

When you trust in the Lord with all your heart and serve Him in truth and in spirit you will never lack and every obstacle will be destroyed. This is the first rule to achieving your success. God is the ocean divider. When He steps into your case nobody or anything can stop God’s plan for you, not even the red sea can stand, no witch, wizard, sickness will not be a barrier to your success. God may appear slow, but He is sure.

2. Don’t resist Gods plan for your life

Those who resist God’s plan in anything they do, never live to tell the story. like the parting of river Jordan in Joshua 3:15-16. the easiest thing to know what God can do in your life is to always think back on what God has done before. If you have anything that looks like red sea in your business or carrier, if the devil cannot be an obstacle or a barrier to the people of Israel, definitely if you do not resist Him, he will surely make way for you in that situation.

3. Destroy every negative wall in your life.


If God can give a simple instruction on how Joshua should handle the Jericho wall. There is absolutely nothing God can not bring down so that His children will enjoy a fulfilled life. A negative friend or ever a family member can be a Jericho wall to your life, business or to your success, it can be that you are in a wrong relationship, marriage, but when you learn to seek the face of God in that situation and ready to do according to the divine instruction given to you by God. Then you have the power to demolish the wall. Stop all negative talk and begin to prophesy positive affirmation to yourself.

4. Show appreciation and gratitude for the little things


If you want the door of your prison to be open. Learn how to appreciate God for the little success you have now. Celebrate all the time, never wait till you hit a mega goal, before appreciating God. In the book of Acts 16:25-26. Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises to God in the prison, they never gave up because of their situations. When you show gratitude, no force on earth can stop you from achieving your goal. Appreciation break barriers.

5. Renew your mind

Renewing your mind is very important in breaking out of lack. When your mind is renewed you will begin to see the possibilities in front of you. Never allow your own heart to be a barrier and obstacles to your destiny. Feed your heart with the word of God daily and have time for prayers and meditations.

In conclusion

When you take the tips above into consideration, your life will be free from obstacles and lack.



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