Send Out The Goliath In In Your Life!

Written by Jane van Zundert

Hi, I am Jane, I am married and a mother of four. My mission in life is to inspire and motivate you, on how you can break free from fear, shame, and resentment and start creating a balanced life, so that you can begin to enjoy your total freedom and never get stuck again in life.

August 18, 2021

A Goliath is any situation that disturbs your peace. Any circumstance that threatens your life is a Goliath that needs to be destroyed. 

These might be health issues, problems in your marriage, or financial issues.

When you know how to destroy the Goliaths in your life, you will enjoy that innermost peace and joy God has bestowed on you. 

Here Is What You Must Do. 

In 1 Samuel 17, the Goliath was highly feared by the people of God. But when David came into the picture, he saw what others fail to see in the giant. David looked at him and called him uncircumcised Philistine because he saw in Goliath how empty he was. David saw him as a powerless man and knew how to destroyed him. 

Most times, people go to church, sing praise and worship, and pay all their dues, but they don’t know the power of God and have no personal relationship with Christ. So when situations of life arise, they are quick to give up. 

 What you need to destroy every Goliath in your life is faith in God. That personal relationship with Christ will open doors for you. God is The God of power, and He has promised never to leave nor forsake us, so when trouble arises, remember what God said in the book of Psalm 46:1 said God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. When arrows of sickness, death, failure, disappointment come face to face with you.

Learn to call on Him and lean not on your understanding. Go in the strength of the Lord who is our shied and Buttler.  Our faith is all God needs to go into battle for us.

So, when you come face to face with Goliath of life, be bold and confident in God, knowing that Christ can destroy every Goliath in your life.

Please feel free to share this post with your friends and loved ones.

Remember, I’m your sister in Christ.

Love you.

Remain blessed. 

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  1. Jennifer osaghae

    Exactly! Well said ma as you can see this days so many Christians are going astray, because they know the sacrifice Jesus Christ has done for them,may their eyes of understanding be enlightened in Jesus name 🙏


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