How To Discover Your Calling!

All humans are born with uniqueness. We are marked genetically with our very unique self and that is proven by our DNA. We all are one of its kind. We might look like our parents or family members, but our genetic makeup never occurs twice and will never be.

This uniqueness first manifests from our childhood, but it will take a good follow-up to be able to identify it. We all have a calling that must be identified if we want to have a fulfilling life. There is that inner force that seems to guide and direct you towards your life task.

This is the task that you are meant to accomplish here on earth. But because of years of parental upbringing, peers, environment, and daily anxieties, we are quickly distracted from our calling thereby giving up on our dreams and uniqueness.

When we were children there is always a force that drives us to our calling, this force overshadows us that whenever we move in that direction, it sparks up our curiosity that seems so satisfying.

When this happens, know that you are on your right calling with that vision and lack of not connecting to it, can result in an unhappy life. Not connecting to the real you makes you lose your uniqueness.

To be able to discover your calling, you must inwardly study who you are. What you are good at and what sparks you up. That thing that gives you inner satisfaction. When that is discovered, you must follow it up with clarity.

When this is done it will lead you to a proper part of your career and every other thing will begin to fall into place.
Never give up because it’s never too late to discover your calling rather you can start today and follow the process. Listen to the voice that calls you to your uniqueness because that is a call to your vocation.

Never again join the busy world, who compare themselves to others and they end up silencing that voice of vocation in them and thereby exchanging their genuine self for a fake way of life.

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