Deadly Mistakes Women Make! 

Written by Jane van Zundert

Hi, I am Jane, I am married and a mother of four. My mission in life is to inspire and motivate you, on how you can break free from fear, shame, and resentment and start creating a balanced life, so that you can begin to enjoy your total freedom and never get stuck again in life.

September 20, 2022

There are deadly mistakes women make that they’re not even aware of. Every marriage or relationship needs hard work, and nobody says it will be easy. Still, the help of true love, commitment, loyalty, and good communication can help rectify deadly mistakes in marriage and relationships. 

We all know that marriage and relationships come with ups and downs, and because we’re human, we make mistakes, but acknowledging them will help you avoid them. So, to prevent them from ruining your marriage or relationship, here are ten deadly mistakes women make in marriage and relationships, that women make without being aware of them.


When you don’t know who you’re and what you want, it makes you settle for less. You will become so insecure when you finally meet that man. Most women have abandoned their talent just because they’re so scared. Some women never dare to ask for what they want or follow their passion due to fear and insecurity. The danger in this is, that such women become bitter and easily irritated, but this can be corrected by taking the courage to be yourself. Practice self-love and dare to communicate with your partner in the area of your talent and calling.


Marriage and relationships come with ups and downs. You have to be very careful who you invite when you and your partner are having issues. Never develop the habit of just choosing randomly who you share your issues with. When you both cannot rectify it internally, go to a specialist. It might be a counselor or a person you know who has a genuine interest in your affair. The danger is when you form the habit of complaining to everyone, you might as well get different advice that will destroy your marriage or relationship.

Warning never yields to an abusive marriage, get help when your partner becomes violent.


One of the deadliest mistakes made by women is comparing their marriage or relationship to others. Stop it, before it will ruin and destroy it. When a woman starts comparing her marriage and relationship with others, it leads to bitterness and hatred. Comparing your partner will never motivate them to change but scares them away. They feel you are not serious and maybe you don’t love them anymore. It also kills intimacy and this might lead your partner to start pretending to satisfy you. Never make your partner become a copycat because of you. No matter what, learn to avoid negative people, be it your friends, or family members, because if you don’t, they will end up influencing you with their negative mindset. Mind you, people can be jealous of what you have, and since they can get it, they will try to destroy it.


There is a need to understand that humans have their challenges, so two people coming together from two different backgrounds, and maybe culture will also have their behavior. So trying to change your spouse will live you stressed out and you will never see the value in your spouse, instead respect each other. Give space for growth. Have honest communication and discuss your ideas together. Learn to accommodate each other based on respect. Never dominate your spouse, this means over ridding and imposing laws, rules, and regulations that your spouse must follow, instead respect and allow your spouse to have a voice in the marriage or relationship.


You have the right to become jealous when you’re in love. But getting jealous of other people in your partner’s life can become dangerous. When it comes to dating, some women feel they have all the right to stalk their partner even in marriage. They feel they have every right of ownership so they become so obsessed. This can go wrong and send the wrong signal to your partner. Your partner has the right to be close to co-workers, business partners, and friends. Unless they are of negative influence to him.


Stop using the kids as an excuse not to have quiet moments with your spouse. This has to do with married women, who think that having kids is a nightmare instead of a blessing. Have a romantic time with each other. Go on a date once in a while. Get someone to take care of the kids. Put on your dress and heels if you like one. Spend that quality time with him before someone else take your place.


Choking your spouse will reduce your dignity. So before you get involved in a marriage or relationship, known in mind that both of you had separate life and hobbies. Things you love to do alone. Any healthy marriage or relationship deserves space. Allow your spouse to have friend’s time and the same applies to you. I’m not saying you can never join them; it will be good when he knows you’re not choking him to the extent of setting it as a boundary in your marriage or relationship.


When you become so passively angry, it means you keep quiet when sad or bitter. You refused to speak to your spouse. No one can read your mind. It’s irritating when you keep your spouse in the dark. He deserves to know what upsets you. You both can come together to solve it through communication. Passive aggression is an energy drainer and it’s unpleasant in marriages and relationships.


Not appreciating your spouse’s efforts is bad. Some women feel is the right of a man to take all their responsibility. They become a liability to them. Even when your spouse is doing his best, you never appreciate him, rather you complain and compare him to others. You become so mean that you stretch your boundary of wanting what your neighbor or friends have. Having the spirit of gratitude opens more doors of blessings.


Some women stop taking care of themselves when they finally get what they want. They deny themselves self-love and care. Their dress code changes and they hardly do their hair or overdo it. Dressing neatly and sexy for your partner must be a continuous thing. If after getting what you want, you ignore self-love and care, your partner might go looking for another partner outside the home. (side chick) Build your marriage or relationship by looking good, and smelling good. Change your underwear and bras once in a while. Make your hair and take care of your body, because it helps boost your self-confidence and boldness and elevates your spouse’s love for you.

In conclusion. No one prays for a failed relationship or marriage. So, knowing how to avoid deadly mistakes ensures stability. With the common mistakes women make in relationships highlighted above, you can make your marriage or relationship a beautiful one.


Know that when you pray together it’s both of you and does a miracle in your lives Get your spouse involved in prayers. Try to create time to study The Bible together and pray together before sleeping. The family that prays together genuinely stays to gather. Make God the head of your marriage and relationship. He is the head and allowing Him to be the foundation of your home will help ease things when things go wrong.

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Remember, I’m your sister in Christ.

Love you.

Remain blessed.

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