5 Classified Reasons You Should Never Chase a Man

This blog will show you why it’s unwise for a woman to chase after a man.

My name is Jane, today I will share five reasons why it’s a bad idea for a woman to chase after a man.

Some men will never reciprocate their feelings when they know you’re the one chasing them. Yes, we’re in a new age when a woman practically finds it okay to make the first move toward a man. But running after him and begging for his attention to love you should be a no-no. 

Here are five reasons why it’s unreasonable to chase after a man.

 1. It diminishes your self-esteem

Chasing after a man will reduce your self-esteem, and you’ll become uncomfortable when he is not reciprocating the same feeling as you. It leads to humiliation and makes you feel exhausted.

2. Might not treat you well.

If a man knows how desperately you want him, he might pretend he likes you too, but for what he wants. When he gets it, he will slightly begin to take you for granted. And since he knows you are the one that wanted him desperately, he will not put much effort into that relationship and, it becomes a one-sided relationship.

3. Chasing after a man means you are not taking good care of yourself.  

When your mind becomes overcrowded by your chase, you forget to practice self-love. You deflate your ego and push potential suitors away. Don’t neglect yourself because of a man, and certainly not if the man in question is not showing you any sign that he wants to be with you. It’s a total waste of time, energy, and self-value.

4. You lose your self-confidence

Focusing on someone that doesn’t want you is a bad idea. It makes you lose your independence and sense of value. Your uniqueness is forgotten because you’re trying to fit into what they think is good for you. You begin to act according to how they want you.

It’s a time-killer idea to run after a man. Keep your pride and wait patiently for the right man to come your way.

5. You isolate yourself from friends.

Because chasing after men takes lots of time and energy, you’ll probably not have time to catch up with friends anymore, because all your attention is on him. No one is more precious than your family and friends, so you should never abandon them for someone who doesn’t care about you.

In conclusion

It’s a bad idea for a woman to chase a man. Wait patiently for the right one to locate you. There is a man for every woman. When you rush it takes you through a rollercoaster ride.

Read this blog to know what to look for in finding the rightful partner.

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 Love you. 

Remain blessed



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