Accept Change As A Rule And Never A Ruler Over You!

Indeed time changes things, only if you are ready to make the change. In my own opinion, so long as you refused to accept change, there will never be a change in your life.

I was was in a job I hated and never wanted to quit the job, because of the money as time goes on, l fell sick and was asked to stay home, then it was done on me that l needed a change of mindset.

That is how it is in life, people will say that time will change things, but until we have a changed mindset and work on our personal development, we might end up wasting our precious time on nothing significant.

Jacob tried to wait for Leban to let him go, but when he discovered that Leban was not ready to let him go, he took it upon himself to create the change he wants to see.

I have learned in a hard way, but l am also glad that l experienced it and made a better decision.
As far as change is concerned, it is what we as humans still have to accept and welcome with all our hearts.

To change from a habit to another takes time and requires patience, but at the same time, we shouldn’t allow change to take over us, rather work gradually towards it.
Some people will go to any length to lose weight and when it becomes a struggle, just because they allow their feelings get in the way, change becomes a ruler in their life, it can be done in a more and relaxed way where you accept that to lose weight requires time and patient.

When Daniel was asked not to pray for a certain period as a command and a change from the king, he did not allow that to bother him, instead, he welcomes the change but kept to his way of praying, thereby not allowing the law of the king rule over him. So in life, anyone that needs a change must be ready to accept it as a rule and never a ruler over them.

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Love you all.

Remain blessed.



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