There is No Law Under Christ!

In the old testament, Moses led the people with a law. There was always blood sacrifice for the atonement of sins. The priest will go into the holiness of holiness to make a sacrifice for the errors of the people. The priest will first make for himself because he is also a sinner before he will be qualified to stand for others. ”Leviticus 16:2-34”

When Jesus came and was crucified, on the cross of calvary, he gave his blood for us for the total redemption of our sins. When he finally gave up the ghost, a soldier went back to confirmed his death by piercing his side ”John 19:34 One of the soldiers, however, pierced his side with a spear, and immediately blood and water flowed out”. It signified that there is nothing left in Him. His blood has given us the liberty which the law of Moses was not able to do. No more animals blood for the atonement of our sins. ”Hebrews 10:4

By the blood of Jesus shared on the cross, we were allowed to claim our inheritance in Christ. That is how we are supposed to be in Christ. When we accept the death of Christ as our total freedom, we should never be afraid of what mortal man can do to us. We leave in Christ and, he takes over our battles.

In conclusion, we have been saved by Christ on the cross. Power has been given to us to dominate the world. We should not allow those false preachers out there to deceive us by bringing to our remembrance the law of Moses, planting the seed of fear in our hearts to manipulate us into paying painful sacrifices. It is not to save you from whatever situation you might be in., It is for their selfish aims. 

When you have communion with Christ, you will begin to enjoy the freedom and peace Christ has come to die for prayer is good but, without a personal encounter with Christ, prayer becomes like a demand for what you want and not grateful for what God has done.

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