That Humiliation Is For Your Good!

Written by Jane van Zundert

Hi, I am Jane, I am married and a mother of four. My mission in life is to inspire and motivate you, on how you can break free from fear, shame, and resentment and start creating a balanced life, so that you can begin to enjoy your total freedom and never get stuck again in life.

July 27, 2020

Humiliation is the abasement of pride, which creates mortification or leads to a state of being humbled or reduced to lowliness or submission. It is an emotion felt by a person whose social status, either by force or willingly, has just decreased.

When you are being humiliated, the best way to get out of it is to stand your ground, no matter the damage and the consequences that follow. When you are confident of yourself, then it will be easy to overcome humiliation.

In the book of Esther 1:22, when king Ahasuerus organized a party where he showed off all his wealth, lots of kings and princes came to celebrate with him. On the other hand, Queen Vashti also organized a party for the ladies.

When the king was very drunk, he ordered his men to bring in Queen Vashti, that she might show her beauty to the whole guest. He wanted to parade her so that the people will see how beautiful she is. But to the kings surprised the Queen disappointed him.

It must have happened so many times, but on this deed day, God stood for the Queen gave her the courage to say no. In life, you might not know why God seems to be quiet when you are been humiliated by the very ones that you trusted. They pretend to love you show you off in public as the best person sing praises to you while their actual plans are to humiliate you and ridicule you in the presence of others.

But God always has a plan He knows when to show up, that humiliation is for God to bring out his purpose in your life. God is looking for humble people, who can be patient to hear, learn, see, and to listen. people who are not quick to react or speak out, because that vision and purpose is for an appointed time.

Queen Vashti refused to honor the king and her crown was taken away from her she was demoted and her place was given to another. The Queen was satisfied with her action. Are you in a place where you have been humiliated and demoted and people are happy to see you fall?

Like the Queen when Memucan finished advising the king to pass a law that will command all the women to respect their husband they thought the battle was won not until Queen Esther came on board. She humbles herself and that led the king to demote Neman and hung in the very gallow he dug for Modecai. When people humiliate you God will raise a standard and destroy anyone who is planing your death

Have anyone humiliated? who is that person in your life who is secretly jealous of your position and who is plotting to disgrace you, when people want to humiliate you they go to any length to do it, such people never remember how you feed them or help them out because they have always hated the fact that you are better than them they will be in a hurry to take away what they have given to you based on their selfish interest?

This happens regularly in the gathering of God, where a position is given to you, and for no reason, it’s taken away without any reason. They will quickly look for a replacement that they can easily manipulate. But be rest assured they can replace you, but they can copy you and will never get the authenticity like you.

Conclusion Never is scared to stand your ground, be BOLD to say NO to those that take the advantage to humiliate you God is a God of justice His ways are no man’s ways He always shows up when all hope is gone. Where there is humiliation, God will give you a promotion. Hold on to your faith and do away with imposters.

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Remember l am your sister in Christ.

Love you all.

Remain blessed.

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