That Battle Over Your Life Is For You Future


Don’t think you are alone in that situation. In life, we all have situations that come against us, those things or problems, that stand against our future. It might be that financial debt, people that only come around just to offend you, that sickness that threatens your life, or that company that laid you off for just no reason.

Most at times. it is not your fault, we are born into difficulties. Parents that abandoned, their children, a man who worked out on the wife and mother of his children, and left alone to take care of those kids.

The answer is, the enemy has seen something great in you. The enemy has seen your great star, and if he allows you to go on, he knows you will be a treat to the kingdom of darkness. So the devil will go the extra mile to stop you.

Never think that you are crazy or not destined to succeed. When God marks you for success, the devil also increases his attack just to stop you. The Devil knows the plans of God concerning those situations. But God said in his word in the book of Jeremiah 1:5 Before I formed you in the womb I knew you before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.

So, because of your greatness, the devil goes for extra time to try to stop you, but the word of God said in the book of Daniel 11:32 Those that know their God will do exploit.

David in the Bible was been despised by his brothers, he was underestimated. Despite all, he was the smallest but he killed Goliath. Likewise, Joseph went through a lot from his brothers, they tried to kill him, but God preserved him and he was pushed into his destiny.

Many things we faced today, is not to kill us, but to stop us and try to make us miserable. Stay focus and hold onto your vision, try to see beyond your problems. Hold on to God, let him directs you in all your ways.

In the book of Mark 5, when Jesus finished preaching to the crown, he did not rest but told his disciples that he needs to cross to the other side of the river, there was a man possessed with demons, he was taken into the graveyard to live among the tomb. The devil saw it and tried to stop Jesus from delivering that man, by causing a strong wind, but Jesus being the messiah rebuked the wind.

The man finally got his healings, and when people saw him they were surprised to see him sane and dressed up.

Be not discouraged, leave the battle for God, it might be a fight for your future but God knows best. He will fight all the unseen battles. He has been fighting for you since you were a little child, He has kept you this far not to live you behind but to bring you to that expected end.

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Love you all

I am your sister in christ.

Remain blessed.



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