You Are Important

Written by Jane van Zundert

Hi, I am Jane, I am married and a mother of four. My mission in life is to inspire and motivate you, on how you can break free from fear, shame, and resentment and start creating a balanced life, so that you can begin to enjoy your total freedom and never get stuck again in life.

September 24, 2020

Most people, especially ladies, are fond of abandoning themselves, just because their marriage did not work out or they where abandoned by their spouse, thereby left alone to care for the kids. Yes, it’s painful when this happens, but it’s not enough reason to put your life on hold.

When you allow your situation to define you, it will eventually direct all you do in life. But here is the good news, when such a situation arises, follow these steps, and you will be glad you did.

1. Know Your Worth

When you take the time to know you, it means you take time to develop yourself. Know what you want and how you want it. Know that if you refused to love yourself before going into any relationship, and expect to be loved by your spouse, you are going to be disappointed. Know your worth and take time to study people. Avoid whosoever underestimate you.

2. Take Care of Yourself

Most women will give up on themselves just because their marriage failed, but by taking good care of yourself you will make those that abandoned you feel guilty. Learn to buy things for yourself it doesn’t have to be expensive. Go for a hairdo, dress well, do your nails if necessary. Treat yourself like the queen you are. Never make the mistake of giving up, just because you are left alone to cater for the kids.

3. Stay Away From Negative people

Negative people will always make you sad and they never have any positive things to add to your life, rather than fill you up with toxic advice. These are people that will pretend to be in support of your decision, whereas they mock you. Anytime you surround yourself with positive people, they will never judge you rather they are open to your opinion and make sure you are happy.

4. Know That You Are Your Own Driver

Any time you allow other people to drive your car, they will determine what direction to take to your destination. Until you know that you are important, there might be a problem. Being your driver means you have to be capable to make your own decision without anyone interfering. Know your purpose and go for it, and never lose your focus.

5. Stop Blaming Others For Your Misfortune

Blaming others will only make you feel sorry for yourself or make you hide your feelings. Know that it takes two to tangle, so learn to accept your mistakes and move on with your life. Know that you are important, and no matter what happened in the journey of life, take the time to heal. While you are healing, take good care of yourself.

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Remember l am your sister in Christ.

Love you.

Remain blessed.

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