How To Get Out Of Guilt And Find Your Voice

How To Get Out Of Guilt And Find Your Voice

Feeling guilty will not take you to the next level in life, rather it will hold you down to slow your progress. Living in guilt is like living in regrets. When things happen and we refuse to let go and take all the blame to ourselves. It will dominate our sense of reasoning and can affect how we will relate to the outside world.

It has been part of the human race to come across obstacles or problems either the ones we created for ourselves or the ones we come across in life. Sometimes it can be our actions. Stop the guilt attitude today with the following steps.

Step 1. Understand Your Guilt

Taking time to understand your guilt will help a long way in getting rid of the guilt. Sometimes the guilt doesn’t show on the surface, you might need to dig a little deeper into that emotional place, to push out anything that causes you to regret.

Step 2: Know and Accept That Some Things Can’t Be CHanged

Know that somethings can’t be changed. So no matter what, and how much you have been living in that guilt, it will not change the past. It will always be there but choose to read or handle guilt differently and take the lesson it conveys. Be willing and ready to open up to your mistakes, take responsibility for every action with an open and honest heart.

Step 3: Visualize a New Opportunity

Since the past can’t be changed, it is better to visualize your self in your new self. Check out new opportunities and begin to explore them. It is true they say the past will always be there, you can’t change it, but you can develop the present and create a better future.

Step 4: Make Things Better Be Your Own Driver

When you are the driver of your vehicle, you will surely drive yourself to the right destination. So whatever that has happened in the past is there, but the moment you realized them and begin to make new choices, by learning from the past mistake, you will be driving yourself to a new destination, where you gradually leave your guilt behind, thereby leveraging your new behavior.

Step 5: Learn from Your Experience Take the lesson and Turn lt into a New Experience

Taking the time to learn from your past mistake, will push you forward in life. Never beat yourself up because of one mistake, take the lesson. When you take the lesson out of that guilt and learn new experience from it, it will help you to be of value to others.

Step 6 : Be Yourself

Commonly, most people make a mistake that leads to guilt, only because they refused to listen to their instinct. God still speaks to us, most at times, we are not listening. We want to go our way, do it our way.

Sometimes people go into a relationship that they know is not good, or a job that takes them away from their family. What is the need to pretend over something that will harm you or keep you in a sad and guilty mood? Just be yourself and do that which you love. That way you will be able to get rid of guilt gradually until it disappears completely.

Have you been living in guilt?

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Remember l am your sister in Christ.

Love you all

Remain blessed!



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