How To Find Your Sense Of Purpose In Life

How To Find Your Sense Of Purpose In Life

Written by Jane van Zundert

Hi, I am Jane, I am married and a mother of four. My mission in life is to inspire and motivate you, on how you can break free from fear, shame, and resentment and start creating a balanced life, so that you can begin to enjoy your total freedom and never get stuck again in life.

June 08, 2020

Working in your purpose is what will give you fulfillment. Most times, lots of people wallow in a job they are not passionate about. Just because they see everyone working, they jump into the rat race just because of the money.

Anything that makes you not get up from your bed with excitement or makes you stop the alarm clock and continue to sleep, will soon be the very thing that gets your sick and depressed. It slowly eats up your happiness and hearth.

Every one of us is born with a purpose, we’re unique in our way. Taking time to identify your purpose, will make you honor it, and will get you motivated and focused, finally give you the motivation to pursue your purpose with all determination to succeed.

Most people missed it in life because they have refused to work on the talent God has given them. Thereby forgetting, that the more you practice on your talent, the better and professional you will become.

Your purpose is supposed to make you jump out of your bed. You’re supposed to be excited about your purpose and vision. Below are some tips to help you find your sense of purpose.

Tips In Finding Your Purpose

1. Fullfilment

Whatever comes to you easily and creates a sense of fulfillment is your purpose. Exploring what gives you joy, is a tip that you are in your purpose. It will come with practice, practice, practice. your purpose is there but needs practice to take it to the next level. As for me, l love coaching people, teaching, singing, designing my clothes. It comes easily and l am very passionate and fulfilled in them.

2. What Do You Enjoy As Quality In You?

As for me, when people call me for counseling, it makes me fulfill to know that l can advise and add value to someone’s life. I do that with two tools that are, with love and joy. When l get to counsel people and inspire them giving them hope for the future, that gives me satisfaction and happiness. So check out for yourself what you enjoy doing, that is your quality. When you find it, congratulations, you just find your sense of purpose.

3. Write Your Mission Statement

When you write down your mission statement, backing it up with your tools, it will be easy for you to find your sense of purpose, for me, is joy, love, helping people get through fear, shame, resentment, thereby living a life of total freedom. That is what gives me happiness and satisfaction, knowing that l can add value to people’s life.

4. Your Heart Matters

Most at times, we seem to ignore our inner voice. There is a spirit in every man, we all have a guardian angel. Until you know how to activate it to work for you, you might not or ever work in your purpose. The inner man or the guidance angel when activated will show you your purpose by guiding you on how to get there and how to get to your destination. Listen to your heart and mind what you allow into your heart.

5. Set Goals

When you know what you want, the next step is to set your goals and start visualizing yourself in that goal. If in your purpose, use positive affirmation to support your boldness. Whatever you think of yourself, is what you will become. So the power of visualization helps you in your goal and then sends a signal to the universe who will in turn return to you what you sake of.

Deal with fear, doubts, and negative thoughts and you will begin to work in your purpose and vision.

Are you finding it difficult to find your sense of purpose? feel free to share your comments below. Please feel free to share this post with your friends and loved ones.

Remember, l am your sister in Christ.

I love you all.

Remain blessed.

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