How God Promised To Expose And Destroy The Fake Prophets And Prophetesses

How God Promised To Exposed And Destroy The Fake Prophet And Prophetess

Written by Jane van Zundert

Hi, I am Jane, I am married and a mother of four. My mission in life is to inspire and motivate you, on how you can break free from fear, shame, and resentment and start creating a balanced life, so that you can begin to enjoy your total freedom and never get stuck again in life.

May 30, 2020

What is going on in the world today has not come as a surprise to me rather a lesson and a time to speak out. In the book of Ezekiel, God said that when he declared a person wicked and you know that person is wicked and deceiving, you have seen all the abomination yourself. Even the Holy Spirit has revealed it to you so many times, but you say nothing about it. Then the Lord said, He will hold you accountable for it.

Things that happen in the Christendom today, is not how God wants it to be. A lot of fake prophets and prophetess have been released to mislead people. They make things up from their head and deceives people to believe their lies.

They refused to preach and teach the people about Jesus, his mercy, and grace. The love of God has disappeared from the church today. The Church has been dismissed long ago. Most of the churches are now peaching empty messages, their mission is not to build the house of God rather fill their pockets. They confused the congregations with lying sermons. They will say, God, said… when God has not even breathed. When they finished all their lying sermon they give empty hope to the people and wait to see results.

These kinds of fake prophets and prophetess are living in a fantasy world, where, they believe that they are now bigger than the God of heaven and earth. But the good thing about this is. God is a God of vengeance. He said, he knows them and because they have refused to turn away from their evil deed, He is going to destroy them, He will set the righteous free from their bondage, and overturned their evil counsel against them for all their lies.

Are you in a gathering where all you hear is empty prophesy, they practically lied to you, they tell you there is no problem that everything will be fine, and you know that things are not fine? When you tell them about your financial problem all they do is, God said you should sow a painful seed. How will someone who has nothing to buy bread, be able to sow a seed that can practically buy a cow, and sometimes a car?

They have lied to collect people’s houses, cars gold necklaces, and wristwatches. When they see people progressing, they envy them and want to collect everything from them. They are right behind the walls pretending to be praying for them for more breakthroughs while all they want, is to see them remain poor so that they will never have the course to leave. Making them believe that without their coverage they can never succeed in life.

The real issue is, in such a congregation, the very people they have tried to manipulate now come to discover the truth, they are becoming scared that they now labeled them, witches, and wizards. My question is, has God not given us the spirit of liberty? Why put people in bondage and refused to save their souls.

What is it, that has come to the church of God? The body of Christ is not to be divided, but when there are fake prophets and prophetess, they change the holy message of Jesus into a demonic message to suit their selfish interest. They recruit those that are lazy to read and study their Bible. Those that can be easily misled.

When God opens your eyes to see the demonic message and agenda of the wicked ones, run for your life. Wait no longer to see the end. They are everywhere, and when they can no longer deceive the elected ones they are been kicked out. When you are been kicked out from such congregation, Jump up for Joy, because God has delivered you from the hand of the wicked.

Go and stand afar and see how God will destroy the walls of this fake gathering. God has promised to break the wall and make the efforts of those that run after such fake miracles to be of a waste.

In the book of Ezekiel 13:17-18. God made us understand that the prophetess and women who sew themselves hand band, chains, scarf, and other materials to suit different issues will be destroyed. How can you kill a soul to make yourself great? These fake prophets and prophetesses have killed people with their evil and empty prophecy and manifestation. Those that came to the gathering of God to hear the word and to be saved have been caged by their lies.

We serve a great and wonderful God whose mercies are sufficient for us all. God said if you repent, l will forgive and let go. But if you refused to repent from your wicked and manipulating ways. God said He will tear down every technique and ways you use to deceive people and set the souls which you have kept in bondage free.

If you are in whatever bondage in a gathering, God promised in his words that, He will make sure he takes away every evil material of the fake prophets and prophetesses the one they use to manipulate you and destroy them. They can no longer victimize you. So don’t be weary because you are sent out among them. God sees your heart and vindicates you so that you will not be destroyed with them.

The evil ones will never go unpunished. God said because you the fake prophets and prophetesses has refused to come out of your sinful ways, suspecting innocent people to a witch and wizard, arrogant and proud. You can even go as far as turning brethren against brethren. You have made it your mandate to allow people to remain in sin with your satanic message that is not of God. God said he will destroy you and your household. Then you will know that God is God and no man is allowed to take His glory.

Be warned, there is no hiding place for the wicked.

May the blood of Jesus be upon whosoever will read this post for your eye of understanding to be open.

Please feel free to share this post with your loved ones and family even your enemies, who know, you might just save a soul.

I am your sister in Christ.

I love you all.

Remain blessed.

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