Avoid False Prophets And Their Scams!

Son of man, l have made the watchman unto the house of Isreal, Therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me. These are the words of the lord to Ezekiel in the book of Ezekiel 3:17.

When God sent you on an errand, don’t compromise. In this modern-day churches, where lots of false prophets have risen, fighting for a title and using means of divination to pull crowd is so alarming. These false prophets will stop at nothing to see their church grow to maximum capacity.

l used to be in a church headed by a man and a woman, who claimed to be prophet and prophetess, all they do, is use a special lady to perform their manifestation and deliverance. Every Sunday, they call this lady out and begin to push and slap her head, telling her to manifest.

When l joined this congregation, this lady was a young promising woman, but as the year goes by, she was now the shadow of herself. The preacher and his wife will always take her home to stay with them and even sleep in their house thinking they were doing her good, but sooner or later, she became like the damsel in the Bible who was used in divination and soothsaying.

In the book of Act 16:16, Once when we were going to the place of prayer, we were met by a female slave who had a spirit by which she predicted the future. She earned a great deal of money for her owners by fortune-telling. This is exactly what this false prophet and his wife is doing to this young lady.

When the so-called false prophet, and his wife, want to know anything in the church, they call on this lady, and she will begin to manifest say all manner of things, recently she accused 95% of the member’s to be witches and wizards, and those accused were sent out and deleted from every group in the church.

To even make the matter worse, those that are left behind in the church, about 7-10 members, were asked to run from those accused and should be deleted from their contacts. Even the false prophet and his wife blocked the accused followers and organized a special prayer to pray that all those accused should die.

This is a wake-up call for everyone to begin to look out for these false prophets and their false doctrine, just like this innocent lady, who came to the church to seek salvation, instead of being set free and saved, she is been used to perform miracles, and deliverance thereby making money for these false preachers. People that hear her speak during manifestation will believe that the false prophet and his wife hear from God.

Beware of where you go, beware of those you call your spiritual parents, beware of deliverance ministries because Jesus has died for our sins, don’t be carried away with the size of the church and how many dramas are being acted all in the name of miracles, they are scams to get your attention, after that, you will be turned into their merchandise.

SAY NO TO FALSE PROPHETS AND THEIR FALSE DOCTRINE. Please, share this post with your friends and loved ones even your enemies together, let save those souls in bondage.

Remember l am your sister in Christ.

Love you all

Remain blessed.



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