How To Recognize A Strong Woman!

Written by Jane van Zundert

Hi, I am Jane, I am married and a mother of four. My mission in life is to inspire and motivate you, on how you can break free from fear, shame, and resentment and start creating a balanced life, so that you can begin to enjoy your total freedom and never get stuck again in life.

May 25, 2021

Womanhood is a great blessing from God and should never be taken for granted. God took time to create a woman and make her a help met to man. Sometimes, women are misunderstood and underestimated.

Lots of women have given up in life just because they refused to see the strongness in themselves. They allow circumstances to shape them into what they are not and begin to dance to the tone of their humiliators. But here are the signs to discover that you are a strong woman.

  • When you refused to be intimidated by anyone, knowing fully well your right as a woman shows that you are a strong woman. A stronger woman will never allow been rejected, bring her down, though it will weigh her down she always finds a way to push past the hurt and humiliation and walk away from those circumstances.
  • A strong woman hates to depend on others, she fights for what she wants by standing on her own. If she is offered help she will not reject but depending on others for her success and fulfillment is never her game.
  • A strong woman is never scared of what people say concerning her rather she holds on to her self-esteem as gold. She wore her confidence as ornaments and will never be intimidated by what others have.
  • Confidence is the backbone of a strong woman. She is courageous and full of strength. She is ready to speak and express how she feels and will never be sorry for being real. This is what makes her appearance speak even when she has not opened her mouth in public. 
  • Take a note of a strong woman, she will never seek revenge when she is heartbroken, but she moves on with life and allows God to be the judge. They never try to play the victim, and they don’t seek attention to themselves, but they choose to stand and deal with the issues that arise in their lives.
  • A strong woman has the heart of gold and is never scared of anyone but is very concerned about her conscience., and if it means standing alone when everyone rejects her or her opinion she will go for it. 
  • A strong woman is always a mystery puzzle to solve. She is commonly misunderstood by manipulators, but anyone that can solve the puzzle of a strong woman should consider themselves lucky. When a strong woman is found, she is taken like a queen.
  • A strong woman doesn’t have time to dramatize. She is a business person and all that makes her determination to succeed is what she goes for.
  • A strong woman will never quit when she fails, rather she picks herself up and continues even if it means doing it alone. All she needs is the right step and she redirects her step in the right direction.
  • A storage woman goes for quality friends. She is never available for fake and hypocritical people because all she does is go after her dreams and goals. 

A strong woman will never give up in any circumstances. She is willing to fight for her rights irrespective of the consequences. Sometimes people will misunderstand her feelings, but she never minds them. She prefers to be her very hero than depending on others. She crowns herself because she honors the queen in her. 

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Remain blessed.

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