Hello there, my name is Jane van Zundert, a foUNDER of janeliberated.com

I am an evangelist and thank you for visiting my website

My mission is to inspire and motivate you, on how you can break free from fear, shame, and resentment and start creating a balanced life, so that you  can begin to enjoy your total freedom. Meanwhile, before you can achieve that, you need to change your mindset. That will help you in overcoming the obstacle in achieving your goals. Thereby using your potentials to positively impact your world.

Growing up as a child I have always wanted to own my business but never really know how to go about it. Since I could not find the right way to achieve my dream I signed up for a job, I was really not passionate about. When l got sick and was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder I was advised to stay home and have my rest, and that was how my contract was never renewed. l thought of applying for another job, but when I also remember, that the same job never allowed me to spend quality time with my family. I came across a video on youtube that changed my mindset. After watching that video over and over again, my mindset shifted from being so negative to be positive.
l always thought that starting on my own requires a lot of education, but after that video, I realized that the case was different.


I discovered that I got it all wrong from the beginning by telling myself I needed to be highly educated to start on my own that means doing what l am really passionate about, all l needed was the right mindset to achieve total freedom in life.
Check out the statistic of the people making an impact in the world today, most of them are with little or no education at all, most of them decided to follow their heart desire and thereby creating digital life. That is why I have decided to make an impact in the world with my little contribution.
My mission is to share my story and my life experiences and definitely how my potentials have been unraveled. I am living a life of total freedom and enjoying quality time with my family. Through my website, I will be sharing my life experiences and how I have overcome anxiety and living life to the fullness just by doing what l love.


I often upload videos to Youtube to help people change their mindset and also helping them to work on their personal development, this is not only for business but also for your life in general. The videos are all inspired by my life experiences.